Maltese / Shih Tzu Mix Puppies for Sale – Metung, Victoria, Australia


  • Dog Breeds: Mix Breed (Maltese / Shih Tzu)
  • Age: 4 weeks
  • Description: 3 girls and 1 boy – $800 each. Born May 20th, ready for new homes July 15th. They will need grooming when they get older. Their hair gets long. They will be vet checked, micro-chipped and vaccinated.
  • Location: Metung, Victoria, Australia
  • Status : Sold out

Maltese x Shihtzu Puppies for Sale – Metung, Victoria Australia

  • Dog Breeds: Maltese x Shihtzu
  • Age: 4 weeks
  • Description: 1 boy and 3 girls – $800 each. I am looking for suitable homes. These puppies will need to be brushed and clipped. Their hair will grow longer the older they get. They will have their 8 week vaccination, vet check and micro-chip.
    Erica 0428 741 613
  • Location: Metung, Victoria Australia
  • Status : Sold out

“Newfaussie” Puppies

Jewel Le BelleJe T'adore BoatswainNewfaussie' s

  • Dog Breeds: Newfoundland
  • Age: 5 weeks
  • Description: Docile Gentle Giants
    Best Companionship Therapy & Service
    Born on Autumn Equinox
    Ready to find Forever Homes.
    First shots and Health Check
  • Website:
  • Price: 750-1500
  • Location: Montgomery, Vermont
  • Contact Number: 8027779470
  • E-mail:

Rottweiler female

Rottweiler female Rottweiler female Rottweiler female

  • Dog Breeds: Rottweiler
  • Age:
  • Description: Clara aus dem Rotuferhort, 7 months old.Descendent of excellent dogs Tita Earl Antonius,Lacky von der Südpfalz, Hero von der Tonberger Höhe.Contact whatsApp +381601663042, Location:Serbia, Obrenovac.
  • Price: 1300
  • Location: Serbia
  • Contact Number: +381601663042
  • E-mail:

Czechoslovakian wolfdog puppies

Czechoslovakian wolfdog puppiesCzechoslovakian wolfdog puppiesCzechoslovakian wolfdog puppies

  • Dog Breeds: Czechoslovakian wolfdog
  • Age: 4 months
  • Description: Kennel Vom Haus Milunovic K9 F.C.I. 5951, Male puppie of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog, Birth: 27.12.2017. All vaccines received and cleared of parasites, EU passport, FCI pedigree,
  • Price:
  • Location: Serbia, Subotica
  • Contact Number: +381612803041
  • E-mail:

rottweiler puppies for sale griffith indiana

rottweiler puppies for salerottweiler puppies for sale

  • Dog Breeds: rottweiler
  • Age:
  • Description: german Rottweiler puppies for sale come from multichampion family. tila,hause of avramovic,lex vom hause Edelstein.puppies are up to date with shots,dewormings,registration,tail docked,dew claw removedcontact for more information
  • Price: 1400
  • Location: griffith in
  • Contact Number: 7738632346
  • E-mail:

German Shepherd Puppies From German Imported – Idaho Falls, Idaho

proud Sire VA1 dam IPO2 GermanyLast Litter

  • Dog Breeds: German Shepherd
  • Age: Just Whelping
  • Description: Sire VA1 Yakari vom Holtkämper Hof, And Dam V Gustel vom Haus Dexel Is A Beautiful Litter Of Versatile Puppies! These Dogs Are Bred For Our Service Dog Program, Schutzhund, Or For Family Companions! Shipping Within The U.S. Available.
  • Website:
  • Price: 3000.00
  • Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Contact Number: 208-932-6269
  • E-mail:

Doberman Pinscher Information

The Doberman Pinscher is a medium sized, squarely built dog with a compact muscular body. The head is long and when viewed from the side looks like a blunt wedge. The top of the skull is flat, and turns into the muzzle with a slight stop. The color of the nose depends on the color of the dog’s coat, black on black dogs, dark brown on red dogs, dark gray on blue dogs, dark tan on fawn dogs and pink on white dogs. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The color of the almond shaped eyes is various shades of brown, depending on the coat color of the dog. The ears are usually cropped to stand erect (cut at the age of about 12 weeks). The pup’s ears have to be taped for a couple of months to make them stand up. A lot of breeders are starting to leave the pup’s ears natural.  If left natural they develop ears somewhat like a hound. The tail is usually docked at the age of 3 days. If the tail is not docked it grows a tail somewhat like a hound. Note: cropping ears and docking tails is illegal in Europe. The chest is broad and the legs are perfectly straight. Dewclaws are sometimes removed. The short, hard, thick coat lies flat. Sometimes there is an invisible gray undercoat on the neck. The coat comes in black, black with tan markings, blue-gray, red, fawn and white. When markings appear they are above each eye, on the muzzle, throat, forechest, legs, feet and on the tail. There is also a solid white color. While white markings are considered a fault in some clubs, in others it is accepted.

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Weimaraner Information

The Weimaraner is a moderately large, athletic, working dog. The medium sized head has a moderate stop with a medial line going down the forehead. The nose is gray and the teeth meet in a scissors bite. The somewhat wide-set eyes come in shades of light amber, gray or blue-gray. The high-set ears are long and pendant, folded forward hanging down along the sides of the head. The front legs are straight with webbed, compact feet. The toenails are gray or amber in color. The tail is customarily docked to 1 ½ inches (4cm) when the dog is two days old. Note: docking tails is illegal in most parts of Europe. Dewclaws are usually removed. The topline slopes gently downward from the shoulders to the rump. The short, smooth coat is tight to the whole body and comes in shades of mouse-gray to silver-gray, blending with darker shades on the body and lighter shades on the head and ears. It also comes in a rarer longhaired variety (FCI Group 7). All shades of gray are accepted. There is sometimes a small white marking on the chest.\

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German Shepherd Dog Information

The German Shepherd Dog is well proportioned and very strong. The GSD has a sturdy, muscular, slightly elongated body with a light, solid bone structure. The head should be in proportion to its body, and the forehead a little rounded. The nose is most often black however, blue or liver still do sometimes occur, but is considered a fault and can not be shown. The teeth meet in a strong scissors bite. The dark eyes are almond-shaped, and never protruding. The ears are wide at the base, pointed, upright, and turned forward. The ears of puppies under six months may droop slightly. The bushy tail reaches almost to its hocks and hangs down when the dog is at rest. The front legs and shoulders are muscular and the thighs are thick and sturdy. The round feet have very hard soles. There are three varieties of the German Shepherd: rough-coated, long rough-coated, and the long-haired. The coat most often comes in black with tan, sable or all black, but also can come in blue, liver and white, but those colors are considered a fault according to most standards. White is not an acceptable color for the German Shepherd, however they are now being recognized as a separate breed, called the American White Shepherd. A piebald color has also occured in a single GSD bloodline which are now being called Panda Shepherds. A Panda is 35% white, the remainder of color is black and tan, and has no white German Shepherds in its ancestry.

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