Tri-Colored Pit Bull Puppy Grey/White/Tan for Sale – West Point, Georgia

Tri-Colored Pitbull puppy Grey/White/TanTri-Colored Pitbull puppy Grey/White/Tan

  • Dog Breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Age: 8 weeks
  • Description: ‘FAT’ is the biggest at 11 lbs and the only boy in Diamond’s litter of 3. This healthy little fat boy is looking for a great home, ready to lay at the foot of your bed. All pups had 1st round of shots and dewormed.
  • Price: $400
  • Location: West Point, Georgia
  • Contact Number: 706-594-1455
  • E-mail:

American Bully Pit Bull for Sale in Nassau County, New York

the gangtri color  blue

  • Dog Breeds: American Bully Pit Bull
  • Age: 4 weeks
  • Description: Pure blue nose bullies available some tri colors and brindle i have. majority of litter is blue though
  • Price: 2500
  • Location: Nassau County, New York
  • Contact Number: 3234536373
  • E-mail:

3 Weeks Bully Pitbull Puppies for Sale – Denver, Colorado

beautiful pit bully pupsbeautiful pit bully pupsbeautiful pit bully pups

  • Dog Breeds: American Bully Pitbull
  • Age: 3 weeks
  • Description: 9 bullys fawn, blue, 3 tri’s. I own both mom and dad ukc registered wonderful bloodline. Puppies will have their ukc papers also and be dewormed with first shots before they leave. Will take deposits at 6 weeks of age.
  • Price: 1500
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Contact Number: 7204515971
  • E-mail:

Bully Pitbull Puppy For Sale to Non-Breeder Family Only (no papers)

Bully PitbullBully Pitbull

  • Dog Breed: Bully Pitbull
  • Age: 5 Months
  • Description: DO NOT TEXT OR CALL ME IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A FEMALE TO BREED. Also, I will not send additional pictures; if you want to see her we can schedule a place/time to meet, so do not ask me for more pictures. ** I am looking to find a stable family home for my 5 month old bully pup "Babs". I have had her since she was 4 weeks old; sadly, I may be unable to keep her due to our landlord’s wishes. I am considering moving in order to be able to keep her, but won’t have to move if I can find a good family soon that I can trust with her doggie life. She is Tri-Colored; Fawn, White and Blue (Smut Pattern). She has all of her shots up to this point with no registration papers since I was never planning to breed her. Babs is a very active and happy dog. She is very friendly/non-agressive with other dogs, children and humans; but still acts like a yard/home protector. Perfect dog to take along to the park, on trips, etc. Not yet fully trained, but is aware that potty in the house is unacceptable, so she knows to go to the door to be let out for potty. Price is firm; $800 is cheap for this dog. Babs is an expensive Pitbull breed with an expensive pedigree/blood line with a great temperment and easy to train. Thank you and take care.
  • Price: 800
  • Location: San Pablo, CA
  • Contact Number: 510-363-6900

American Pit Bull Terrier (GOTTI) Blue Puppies for Sale in Hayward California

American Pit Bull Terrier (GOTTI) BlueAmerican Pit Bull Terrier (GOTTI) BlueAmerican Pit Bull Terrier (GOTTI) Blue

  • Dog Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier (GOTTI) Blue
  • Age: 5 Weeks
  • Description: – Breed: Pit Bull (GOTTI) – Ages: 5 weeks – Color: blue Nose – Weight: 5 pounds Boys: $300/Girls: $400 The puppies are ready for pick up now. There are 5 puppies all together 1 boy 4 girls. They are healthy and musclar. • Boy: Grey with GOTTI stripe, white stripe on nose, white chest, back paws are white, blue eyes. • Boy: Black boy, white strip on head, white paws. • Girl: Gray with white paws, white strip on nose, white chest, blue eyes. • Girl: Black with white paws, white nose, white strip on head, white chest, brown eyes. • Girl: Grey with white chest, white chin, white paws, blue eyes • Girl: Grey Gotti Stripe, white paws, white strip on face, white stripe back of head, white chest, blue eyes. ** Puppies come with 1st set of shots and dewormed. Puppies need 8 wk, 10wk, and 16wk shot. Mom and Dad are on premises. You may come to see the mother, father and puppies now. More Pictures are available upon request (mom, dad and puppies). Call me at (510)613-5176 Paul. Shipping is available but you have to pay for your own shipping. PUPPIES WILL NOT BE SOLD FOR FIGHTING PURPOSES. Contact Paul: (510) 613-5176 with any questions Thanks for reading my posting.
  • Price: 300
  • Location: Hayward, CA
  • Contact Number: 5106135176 (Paul)
  • Contact E-mail:

American Pit Bull Terrier Information

The Pit Bull immediately strikes one as being a dog of power, passion, and undying willingness. The brick-like head, which is especially broad between the cheeks (to house the powerful jaws), is carried upon a thickly muscled, well-defined neck. The neck runs into a deep, thick, well-sprung chest. The American Pit Bull is a very muscular, stocky, yet agile dog which is extremely strong for his size. The ears are generally cropped, though this is optional. Docked tails are not accepted by the UKC or the ADBA. The eyes are round. Both the ADBA and the UKC do not accept blue eyes or the coat color mearl. The American Pitbull Registry does accept a mearl coat. The teeth should form a scissors bite. Its coat is made up of thick, short, shiny hair. All colors are admissible. The tail tapers to a point.

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Dogue de Bordeaux Information

The Dogue de Bordeaux also called the French Mastiff and sometimes called the Bordeaux Bulldog is a relatively short, stocky mastiff. The wrinkled head is massive, heavy and broad. Males can have a head circumference of 27-30 inches (68-75cm). The muzzle is somewhat short (1/3 the total length of the head), wide, powerful and thick, with a pronounced stop. The nose is large with wide-open nostrils, color depends on the mask of the dog. The teeth meet in an underbite. The upper lips hang thickly down over the lower jaw. The thick skin on the neck is loose, forming a noticeable dewlap. The eyes are hazel to dark brown depending on the color of the dog and are set wide apart. The ears are small, hanging down, in proportion to the dog and are darker in color. The tail is thick at the base tapering to a point. The chest is deep, broad reaching lower than the elbows. The legs are muscular. The coat is short and soft with loose fitting skin. Coat colors include various shades of fawn to mahogany with a darker red or black mask around and under the nose including the lips and eye rims. There are sometimes white markings on the chest and tips of the toes.

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Dogo Argentino Information

The Dogo Argentino is also called the Argentinian Mastiff or Argentine Dogo. It is a large, well muscled dog. The deep-set chest is wide. There is an abundance of skin on the muscular neck. The head is massive with a rounded shape from front to the back. The muzzle concaves upwards slightly, with a slight stop and is about the same length as the skull. The jaws are strong. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite. The nose is black. The eyes are set well apart, and are dark brown, light brown or hazel in color. The rims of the eyes should be pink or black. The ears are set high and are usually cropped to make them stand erect, and triangular in shape. The thighs are very muscular with a short hock. There are usually no dewclaws. The thick tail is long and carried naturally low reaching the hock. The thick, glossy coat is white and has no undercoat. While not accepted in all clubs, sometimes the Dogo Argentino can have a black spot on the head known as "pirata". This trait in the Dogo´s coat is accepted by Federacion Cinologica Argentina.

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