Doberman Pinscher Puppies for Sale – Cordova, Tennessee

Doberman Pinscher puppies for saleDoberman Pinscher puppies for sale

  • Dog Breeds: Doberman Pinscher
  • Age: Not born yet
  • Description: They are full bloodied Doberman puppies and will be in healthily shape. Will be born in Animal Hospital. Only good homes will be given this offer / No breeders need to apply. The sire is 100% EURO and the dame is American and blact and tan.
  • Website: Facebook
  • Price: $600 a pup. O
  • Location: Cordova, Tennessee
  • Contact Number: 901-5oo-7412
  • E-mail:

Male Siberian Husky for Sale – Midland, TX

  • Dog Breeds: Siberian Husky
  • Age: 1 year
  • Description: About one year old male in great shape and good health, dilute red with blue eyes.
    He is not fixed so would be ideal for breeding,very friendly and wold be good with kids. I am moving soon and cannot take him with me, just want him to have a good home.
  • Price: $500.00
  • Location: Midland, TX
  • Contact Number: 7134945477
  • E-mail:

Teacup Chihuahua for Sale – Erie, Pennsylvania

Pictured with his Beanie Baby for size comparisonA perfectly shaped head and snout on Lil' Dink !

  • Dog Breeds: Teacup Chihuahua
  • Age: 11 weeks
  • Description: This Teacup Chihuahua is Pick-of-the-Litter! And the best looking pup I’ve seen! Mom is 2lbs dad is 3 1/2lbs. Lil’ Dink is smart as a whip n was housebroken at 8 weeks! Contact me for years of extreme cuteness!
  • Price: $800
  • Location: Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Contact Number: 814 4036604
  • E-mail:

Adorable Puppies for Sale in Montreal – Labrador Mix / German Shepherd Mix – Price Negotiable

All the malesAll the femalesAll together

  • Dog Breed: Labrador Mix / German Shepherd Mix
  • Age: 7 weeks old
  • Description: Hi there, I have 8 puppies left for sale that are all healthy and in great shape that you must see!!! They are vaccinated and dewormed. I have 5 males (2 blacks, 2 whitish with gold and 1 brownish with white streaks) and 3 females (2 blacks and 1 whitish with gold) available. They all live with both parents and with a cat. The father is a Labrador mix and the mother is a German Shepherd mix. The puppies are all kid-friendly, cat-friendly, dog-friendly, and much more. Price is negotiable! Don’t wait, they’re going fast!!!
  • Price: Please contact
  • Location: Montreal
  • Contact Number: 514-966-9633
  • Contact E-mail:

Boston Terrier Information

Boston Terriers, also called the Boston bull, are compact and well-muscled dogs. The body is short with a square appearance. The square looking head is flat on the top and in proportion to the rest of the body. The deep, wide, short muzzle is in proportion with the head. The nose is black. The stop is well defined. The bite is either even or slightly undershot giving the muzzle the square look. The large, round dark eyes are wide-set. The erect ears are small and either cropped or left natural. The limbs are straight and muscular. The legs are set somewhat wide apart, and the chest is broad. The neck is slightly arched. The low-set, tapering tail is short and either straight or screw shaped and is never docked. The short, fine textured coat comes in seal, brindle and white, black and white and some are born brown & white.

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Mastiff Information

The Old English Mastiff is a massive dog. The Mastiff has a large, heavy square head with a well marked stop between the eyes. The muzzle should be half the length of the skull. The medium-sized brown to dark hazel eyes are set wide apart with a black mask around them. The nose is dark in color. The small ears are V-shaped and in proportion with the skull and are dark in color. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite but a slightly undershot bite is also acceptable in the show ring providing the teeth do not show when the mouth is closed. The tail is high-set with a wide base, tapering to a point reaching the hocks. Coat colors include golden fawn, light fawn, apricot, silver, tiger or brindle.

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Doberman Pinscher Information

The Doberman Pinscher is a medium sized, squarely built dog with a compact muscular body. The head is long and when viewed from the side looks like a blunt wedge. The top of the skull is flat, and turns into the muzzle with a slight stop. The color of the nose depends on the color of the dog’s coat, black on black dogs, dark brown on red dogs, dark gray on blue dogs, dark tan on fawn dogs and pink on white dogs. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The color of the almond shaped eyes is various shades of brown, depending on the coat color of the dog. The ears are usually cropped to stand erect (cut at the age of about 12 weeks). The pup’s ears have to be taped for a couple of months to make them stand up. A lot of breeders are starting to leave the pup’s ears natural.  If left natural they develop ears somewhat like a hound. The tail is usually docked at the age of 3 days. If the tail is not docked it grows a tail somewhat like a hound. Note: cropping ears and docking tails is illegal in Europe. The chest is broad and the legs are perfectly straight. Dewclaws are sometimes removed. The short, hard, thick coat lies flat. Sometimes there is an invisible gray undercoat on the neck. The coat comes in black, black with tan markings, blue-gray, red, fawn and white. When markings appear they are above each eye, on the muzzle, throat, forechest, legs, feet and on the tail. There is also a solid white color. While white markings are considered a fault in some clubs, in others it is accepted.

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Portuguese Water Dog Information

The Portuguese Water Dog is a medium-sized, muscular dog. The topline is straight and level. The broad, domed head is slightly longer then the muzzle. The muzzle has a well defined stop. The black nose is broad. The teeth meet in a scissors or level bite. The medium sized, round eyes are dark. The heart-shaped ears are set high, hanging. The tail is not docked to aid in swimming, is thicker at the base tapering. Dewclaws are sometimes removed. The legs are straight. The feet are webbed which aids the dog in swimming. The single-layered coat is thick and is either curly or wavy in texture. Coat colors come in black, white, various shades of brown, parti-colors of white with dark spots, black or brown with white markings, silver fox and gray.

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English Springer Spaniel Information

The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized, compact dog. The head is in proportion with the body. The broad skull is medium in length and flat on the top. The length of the head is about the same as the length of the neck. The muzzle is about the same length as the skull, with a moderate stop. The nose is either liver or black, depending on the dog’s coat color. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The medium sized, oval shaped eyes are either dark hazel in liver and white dogs or dark brown in the black and white dogs. The long, wide, pendant ears hang close to the cheeks and reach the nose when pulled forward. The chest is deep. The back is level with the length about the same as the height of the dog from the ground to the withers. The front legs are straight, and the feet are compact. The tail is usually docked. Note: docking tails is illegal in most parts of Europe. The coat is medium in length with feathering over the legs, ears, cheeks and brisket. Coat color comes in liver and white, and black and white, predominantly white with black or liver markings, blue or liver roan, a tricolor pattern of black and white or liver and white with tan markings, usually found on eyebrows, cheeks, inside of the ears and under the tail. The white areas of the coat may have ticking.

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Miniature Poodle Information

When groomed to show dog standards the body is meant to give off a square appearance. It has approximately the same length as the height at the withers. The skull is moderately rounded with a slight but definite stop. It has a long, straight muzzle. The dark, oval shaped eyes are set somewhat far apart and are black or brown. The ears hang close to the head and are long and flat. Both the front and back legs are in proportion with the size of the dog. The topline is level. The tail is set and carried high. It is sometimes docked to half it’s length or less to make the dog look more balanced. Dewclaws may be removed. The oval shaped feet are rather small and the toes are arched. The coat is either curly or corded. It comes in all solid colors including black, blue, silver, gray, cream, apricot, red, white, brown, or cafe-au-lait. While it does not make the written show standard, some breeders are breeding parti-colored poodles. See grooming for different types of poodle clips.

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