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Bulldog puppies| USDA Certified

  • Dog Breeds: English And French Bulldogs
  • Age: 11 weeks
  • Description: (973) 910-0430 Buy from a Reputable breeder of championship bloodline English and French bulldog puppies with paperwork. Available shipping. Secure Payment.payment plans, Simple procedure. Special promotion and limited offer.
  • Website: www.sbulldogshome.com/
  • Price: 800
  • Location: Texas
  • Contact Number: +1 (973) 910-0430
  • E-mail: sbulldogshome@gmail.com

English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Dallas Texas

Bulldog for Sale - ENGLISH BULLDOG Simply the best looking and healthiest puppies. Come see why ! 0Bulldog for Sale - ENGLISH BULLDOG Simply the best looking and healthiest puppies. Come see why ! 1Bulldog for Sale - ENGLISH BULLDOG Simply the best looking and healthiest puppies. Come see why ! 2

  • Dog Breed: Bulldog
  • Description: New Champion sired elite quality English Bulldog puppies now available.
    1 year health guarantee, current vaccinations, AKC/ FCI Registerable, Pedigree available for an extra fee, Up to date Veterinarian examination, Travel crate provided.
    Many colors to choose from. Hurry up, they will not last long!!!
    EliteBully.com is widely known as the most reputable source of purebred English Bulldog puppies and dogs from the champion lines of Europe and USA. A dedicated team of dog lovers, EliteBully.com is devoted to bringing only high quality, healthy and well bred puppies to its customers around the United States. With customers in almost every major US city, Elite Bully.com has built solid relationships with respectable breeders of exceptional lines to earn them the reputation as a premier provider of top breeds. To learn more about EliteBully, customer satisfaction and protection it provides, including a one-year health guarantee, the selection of available puppies it offers and on-line protections against fraud tips.
  • Age: 8-14 weeks
  • Price: $1300 – $2400
  • Website: www.elitebully.com
  • Location: Dallas, TX 75206 (United States)
  • Contact Number: 817-812-4757

French Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Cambridge – Minnesota

French Bulldog for Sale - Bubbly And Happy see a Video Of Tic Tac available!!! 0French Bulldog for Sale - Bubbly And Happy see a Video Of Tic Tac available!!! 1French Bulldog for Sale - Bubbly And Happy see a Video Of Tic Tac available!!! 2

  • Dog Breed: French Bulldog
  • Description: Tic Tac is a darling Brindle Female and has a wonderful out going bubbly, loveing personality!!!! See her play and bounce having a blast in the 2 videos on my web sight ! She is very well adjusted and Friendly and is also started on house and crate training!!
    Very compact and well put together. she will be about 17 pounds at adult weight they are just Perfect !!!! AKC reg up to date on Vacc, worming and micro chiped vet checked!! 1 year health guarantee. Family raise and kid approved!! I am always availabe to answer your questions please feel free to call!!. call or e-mail me for more information!!! 612- 306- 8732 Hard to find TWIN LAKES< JACK POT < DAYSTAR BLOODLINES!! Shipping available. Video of Bear Available on my web sight www.ballyhara.net
  • Age: 9 Weeks
  • Price: 1800.00
  • Website: www.ballyhara.net
  • Location: Cambridge, MN 55008 (United States)
  • Contact Number: 612-306-8732

American Pit Bull Terrier Information

The Pit Bull immediately strikes one as being a dog of power, passion, and undying willingness. The brick-like head, which is especially broad between the cheeks (to house the powerful jaws), is carried upon a thickly muscled, well-defined neck. The neck runs into a deep, thick, well-sprung chest. The American Pit Bull is a very muscular, stocky, yet agile dog which is extremely strong for his size. The ears are generally cropped, though this is optional. Docked tails are not accepted by the UKC or the ADBA. The eyes are round. Both the ADBA and the UKC do not accept blue eyes or the coat color mearl. The American Pitbull Registry does accept a mearl coat. The teeth should form a scissors bite. Its coat is made up of thick, short, shiny hair. All colors are admissible. The tail tapers to a point.

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Information

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a muscular dog, very strong for their size. The head is short and deep with a broad skull, short foreface, distinct stop and strong jaws. The nose is black. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The lips should be tight and clean. The round eyes are dark in color, in relation to the coat. The somewhat small ears are either rose or half pricked. The front legs are straight. Dewclaws are sometimes removed and the paws are medium sized and well padded. The low-set tail is thicker at the base, tapering to a point, carried low. The tail should not curl much and may be likened to an old fashioned pump handle. The smooth, short coat comes in red, fawn, white, black or blue, or any of these colors with white and in any shade of brindle with or without white markings.

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French Bulldog Information

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a sturdy, compact, stocky little dog, with a large square head that has a rounded forehead. The muzzle is broad and deep with a well defined stop. The nose is black, but may be lighter in lighter colored dogs. The upper lips hang down over the lower lips. The teeth meet in an under bite and the lower jaw is square and deep. The round, prominent eyes are set wide apart and are dark in color. The bat ears stand erect, are broad at the base narrowing in a triangular shape and rounded at the tips. The height at the withers to the ground should be approximately the same as the length from withers to the base of the tail. The tail is either straight or cork-screw. The chest is broad and deep with the front of the dog being wider than the back end, forming a pear shape. The Dewclaws may be removed. The medium-fine coat is short and smooth. The skin is loose forming wrinkles around the head and shoulders. Coat colors include brindle, fawn, white, and combinations of brindle or fawn with white.
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Mastiff Information

The Old English Mastiff is a massive dog. The Mastiff has a large, heavy square head with a well marked stop between the eyes. The muzzle should be half the length of the skull. The medium-sized brown to dark hazel eyes are set wide apart with a black mask around them. The nose is dark in color. The small ears are V-shaped and in proportion with the skull and are dark in color. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite but a slightly undershot bite is also acceptable in the show ring providing the teeth do not show when the mouth is closed. The tail is high-set with a wide base, tapering to a point reaching the hocks. Coat colors include golden fawn, light fawn, apricot, silver, tiger or brindle.

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Dogo Argentino Information

The Dogo Argentino is also called the Argentinian Mastiff or Argentine Dogo. It is a large, well muscled dog. The deep-set chest is wide. There is an abundance of skin on the muscular neck. The head is massive with a rounded shape from front to the back. The muzzle concaves upwards slightly, with a slight stop and is about the same length as the skull. The jaws are strong. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite. The nose is black. The eyes are set well apart, and are dark brown, light brown or hazel in color. The rims of the eyes should be pink or black. The ears are set high and are usually cropped to make them stand erect, and triangular in shape. The thighs are very muscular with a short hock. There are usually no dewclaws. The thick tail is long and carried naturally low reaching the hock. The thick, glossy coat is white and has no undercoat. While not accepted in all clubs, sometimes the Dogo Argentino can have a black spot on the head known as "pirata". This trait in the Dogo´s coat is accepted by Federacion Cinologica Argentina.

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