Tiny AppleHead Chihuahua Male for Sale – Naples

Tiny AppleHead Chihuahua Male .Approx. 4lbs Full Grown Tiny AppleHead Chihuahua Male .Approx. 4lbs Full Grown Tiny AppleHead Chihuahua Male .Approx. 4lbs Full Grown

  • Dog Breeds: Chihuahua
  • Age: 8 weeks
  • Description: long haired double-coated Chihuahua boy. Chocolate cream Merle color, beautiful eyes! He has a huge Apple head ,short muzzle and coby body. Must see!!! Charting 4 lb Full grown. Will make a gorgeous little stud or a handsome pet. 239- 529- 8753
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php
  • Price: 750
  • Location: Naples
  • Contact Number: 239- 529- 8753
  • E-mail: Chloechi27@gmail.com

Chihuahua Information


The Chihuahua is a tiny toy sized dog. The body is longer than it is tall. The head is well rounded, apple in shape and the muzzle is short and pointed with a well defined stop. Puppies have a soft spot on the top of the skull called a “molera”, which usually closes by adulthood. The large, round eyes are set well apart and are dark, ruby, and may be lighter in white dogs. The erect ears are large. Dewclaws may be removed. The tail is long, sickle-shaped, either curled over the back or to the side. The coat comes in both a short coat or a long, wavy or flat coat. All colors, both solid, marked or splashed are accepted. Colors include, but are not limited to, black, white, chestnut, fawn, sand, silver, sable, steel blue, black & tan and parti-color.

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