Dachshund puppies for sale Taylorville, Illinois

Dachshund puppies for sale             Taylorville, IllinoisDachshund puppies for sale             Taylorville, IllinoisDachshund puppies for sale             Taylorville, Illinois

  • Dog Breeds: Dachshund
  • Age: 8 weeks
  • Description: 2 Beautiful Dachshund puppies for sale they are double dapple pure breed have first shots and wormed ready to find there new forever home one female and one male
  • Price: $700
  • Location: 1556 s. shumway street Taylorville, Il. 62568
  • Contact Number: 2178257863
  • E-mail: strawboss12410@yahoo.com

Dachshund Puppies

Dachshund PuppiesDachshund PuppiesDachshund Puppies

  • Dog Breeds: Dachshund
  • Age: 1 month
  • Description: Dachshund Puppies born on September 28, 4 males and 2 Females. Dapple color and Black.
    Pure Breed, Beautiful Puppies
  • Price: 500-600
  • Location: Escondido
  • Contact Number: 8584728421
  • E-mail: markaraosphotography@live.com

mini dachshunds

mini dachshundsmini dachshundsmini dachshunds

  • Dog Breeds: mini dachshunds
  • Age: 8 weeks
  • Description: I have two cute little mini dachshund males. One is red and the other is a black and tan dappled piebald. They are very sweet and love to be cuddled with. Please email or text me if interested. 979-906-0129 thank you
  • Price: 400 red 600 piebald
  • Location: franklin, tx
  • Contact Number: 9799060129
  • E-mail: donnaalfano58@gmail.com

Male Dachshund Puppies for Sale – Fort Scott KS

Dachshund pupsDachshund pupsDachshund pups

  • Dog Breeds: Dachshund
  • Age: 5 weeks
  • Description: I have 2 full blooded miniature dachshund puppies that are almost 6 weeks old, they are both nales. The 1st male is black and tan and he will be short haired. The other male is silver dapple and he will have medium length hair.
  • Price: $400
  • Location: Fort Scott, KS
  • Contact Number: 620 224 6344
  • E-mail: lordcattleco4@gmail.com

Dachshund / French Poodle Mix for Sale – San Diego, California

 feisty and curious dappled girlcalm little girl lovable boy

  • Dog Breeds: Mix Breed (Dachshund / French Poodle)
  • Age: 1 1/2 months
  • Description: <3 Full of personality little doxiepoo puppys<3
  • Price: boy 120 – girls 150
  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Contact Number: 619 4519147
  • E-mail: alelinda160@hotmail.com

Miniature Dachshund Puppies for Sale – Longmont Colorado


  • Dog Breed: Dachshund
  • Age: 7 weeks
  • Description: 3 girls 1 boy, 1 boy and a girl black and tan 2 girls are dapple
  • Price: 325.00
  • Location: Longmont Colorado
  • Contact Number: 7203001583
  • Contact E-mail: bouttier673@msn.com

Dachshund Information

There are three varieties of Dachshund: the short-haired, the wired-haired, and the long-haired. With each of these varieties there are three sizes. (See Height and Weight.) The Dachshund’s body is longer than it is tall, muscular with short legs. It has an elongated head and a slight convex skull, arched with protruding eyebrows. The muzzle is long The jaw is robust with non-pendent lips. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite. The almond shaped eyes are dark red or brown-black. The mobile ears are hanging long on its cheeks. The body has a strong protruding sternum and a moderately retracted abdomen. The tail is carried in line with its back. The short-haired Dachshund’s coat should be shiny, sleek and uniform.

Dachshunds have a wide color variety. They are as follows.
Solid colors are as follows: black, red (from strawberry blond to deep auburn), chocolate (brown), isabella (tan or fawn), creme (blond with no trace of red, from golden blond to platinum,the lighter the better) and blue (gray). In the wirehaired variety, creme is referred to as wheaton.

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