Champion Bred AKC Puppies – Bullmastiff For Sale

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  • Dog Breed: Bullmastiff
  • Description: Sire: CH Carrvillas Cosmic Companion (WR03291701)
    CERF, CGCDam: CH Heartsluv Better Danna Hummer (WS19978401)
    OFA / OFEL:DOB: March 30, 2010
    Males: 6 Females: 4Our puppies are available to both show and companion only homes. Please visit our website at to learn more and to see pictures of our litter.

    I have owned Bullmastiffs for 11+ years and have been very selective in my breeding program, having bred five litters during those years. All dogs that I have bred or bred to are AKC Champions, which requires a great deal of time, training, and financial commitment.

    References from those who have previously purchased puppies from me are available for you to speak with about size, coat color, personality, and how their dog fit into their family and, if they have children, how well the dog has bonded to and interacts with them. Most importantly, all Bullmastiffs are different in looks and in personality. I pride myself in matching people with the dog that they want, that best fits their lifestyle, family needs & expectations.
    Even if you do not purchase a puppy form me, contact me with any questions you have.

  • Age: Available at 8 weeks
  • Website:
  • Location: Liberty, WV 25124 (United States)
  • Contact Number: 304-586-2436

Bullmastiff Information

The Bullmastiff is massive, very powerfully built, but is not a cumbersome dog. The large, broad skull is wrinkled and the muzzle is broad, deep and usually darker in color. The forehead is flat and the stop is moderate. The black nose is wide and has large nostrils. The teeth meet in a level or undershot bite. The medium sized eyes are dark hazel. The V-shaped ears are set high and wide carried close to the cheeks giving a square appearance to the skull. The strong tail is set high, thicker at the root and tapering and is either straight or curved, and reaches to the hocks. The back is short, straight and level between the withers and the loin. The short, dense, slightly rough coat comes in brindle, fawn, or red, often with black markings on the head.

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