Gorgeous Champion White German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Mankato Minnesota

German Shepherd Dog for Sale - Gorgeous Champion White German Shepherds Available NOW! 0German Shepherd Dog for Sale - Gorgeous Champion White German Shepherds Available NOW! 1German Shepherd Dog for Sale - Gorgeous Champion White German Shepherds Available NOW! 2

  • Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog
  • Description: White German Shepherd Puppies AVAILABLE from the Best White German Shepherd dogs in the world. Champion parents. Our puppies are raised in our home with our family and are socialised with Children and our 2 cats. Our puppies make excellent companions/family dogs, show dogs, therapy dogs, obedience dogs, agility dogs and more. We have proven dogs all over America and in Europe. The puppies come with AKC papers, a health and hip guarantee, first shots, a 37 page training guide written by White Stone Kennels, life time breeder support, a toy, vet checked and more. We breed White German Shepherd dogs for companionship, conformation, and work. We are committed to the improvement of the breed. We breed for health, temperament, performance, intelligence and conformation. All of our breeding stock is OFA x-rayed and all of our puppies come with a health and hip guarantee.
    Puppies are $1000 on spay/neuter agreements or $1200-$1500 with full AKC registration and breeding rights.
    Email me for a copy of the pedigree, all the titles don’t fit in the boxes below.
    Visit our website for many additional pictures, pedigrees and email us for more info dreamwgsd@yahoo.com
  • Price: 1000
  • Website: www.whitestonekennels.com
  • Location: Mankato, MN 56082 (United States)
  • Contact Number: 612-269-5599
  • Email: dreamwgsd@yahoo.com

Golden Mountain Dog Puppies for Sale – Pottstown

Golden Mountain Dog -Hybred

  • Dog Kennel Name: Cedarville Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Dog Breed: Golden Mountain Dog -Hybred
  • Description: Golden Mountain Dog puppies ready to go September 13, 2013. Both parents on premises, very loving dogs. The mother is a Bernese Mountain Dog and the father is a Golden Retriever, with Champion bloodlines. Parents are AKC registered, puppies will come with a Hybred registration papers. There are 2 females and 1 male available. Will make a great family addition, they are also used for therapy dogs. Please call 484-624-2884 if interested.
  • Location: Pottstown
  • Contact Number: 484-624-2884
  • Contact E-mail: Gsannie67@aol.com

Doberman Pinscher Information

The Doberman Pinscher is a medium sized, squarely built dog with a compact muscular body. The head is long and when viewed from the side looks like a blunt wedge. The top of the skull is flat, and turns into the muzzle with a slight stop. The color of the nose depends on the color of the dog’s coat, black on black dogs, dark brown on red dogs, dark gray on blue dogs, dark tan on fawn dogs and pink on white dogs. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The color of the almond shaped eyes is various shades of brown, depending on the coat color of the dog. The ears are usually cropped to stand erect (cut at the age of about 12 weeks). The pup’s ears have to be taped for a couple of months to make them stand up. A lot of breeders are starting to leave the pup’s ears natural.¬† If left natural they develop ears somewhat like a hound. The tail is usually docked at the age of 3 days. If the tail is not docked it grows a tail somewhat like a hound. Note: cropping ears and docking tails is illegal in Europe. The chest is broad and the legs are perfectly straight. Dewclaws are sometimes removed. The short, hard, thick coat lies flat. Sometimes there is an invisible gray undercoat on the neck. The coat comes in black, black with tan markings, blue-gray, red, fawn and white. When markings appear they are above each eye, on the muzzle, throat, forechest, legs, feet and on the tail. There is also a solid white color. While white markings are considered a fault in some clubs, in others it is accepted.

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Black AKC Labrador Retrievers

  • Dog Breeds: Labrador Retriever
  • Age: 10 days
  • Description: We have two female and two male black AKC registered labradors available. These are great family, therapy, or hunting dogs and are family raised in our home from day one.
  • Website: www.bostwicklakelabradors.com
  • Price: 800
  • Location: United States
  • Contact Number: 61629450101
  • E-mail: amy@heartsforhim.com

Champion Sired Blue and Silver Gray Weimaraner Puppies for Sale in Montana

Weimaraner For Sale - Champion Sired Blue and Silver Gray Puppies 0Weimaraner For Sale - Champion Sired Blue and Silver Gray Puppies 1Weimaraner For Sale - Champion Sired Blue and Silver Gray Puppies 2

  • Dog Breed: Weimaraner
  • Description: We have bred our blue German field bred Female Ava to an AKC/CKC Champion Dreamer. 1 Blue male available. We also have a litter due May 25th. Blues and Silver Grays expected. Our puppies sell very quickly so please call early.
    All dogs are wonderful with our family and live in our homes. Puppies are born in our home and handled daily using the Bio sensor method. Please inquire early as the puppies will go very quickly. These pups will excel in the field/home or show ring. Parents are very loving and CALM. Please view our website to see our other dogs with their exceptional pedigrees and pictures of them water retrieving and hunting as well as loving our family.
    All of these dogs are being hunted extensively in Montana, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming this hunting season but loved in our home daily! All parents have extensive health testing. PennHip, OFA (hips and elbows) CERF and total Wellness Exams on ALL parents.
    We have owned/trained and raised Weimaraners for approx. 17 years. We only raise one breed; the wonderful Weimaraner. Our family is very involved in hunting and competing our fur kids. This is a family affair for us and our dogs are involved with everything we do. Our puppies are socialized from the moment of conception. The mothers are in the house and around the family at all times. We believe socialization starts before birth and one of the main points of raising a well rounded hunting partner/family member. Health is also very important to us and our puppies come with a full health guarantee against genetic disorders. All parents are screened before breeding. Certifications are displayed on our website for each of them. All puppies are started on the hunting process by 5-6 weeks of age. We are members and participants of the WCA (Weim Club of America), NAVHDA (North American Hunting Dog Association), and The IABCA(International All Breed Canine Association) & VHDF (Versatile Hunting Dog Federation). We are also involved in the local rescue and placing needed homes for rescue Weimaraners. We have some of the top hunting bloodlines from around the world, including Germany, Australia, Sweden and the USA. Our puppies are raised for family companions, hunting partners, agility, show, tracking, therapy…they truly are the versatile dog. Please contact us with any questions or information. We also have NAVHDA puppy packets for anyone seriously interested in becoming a member. We look forward to visiting with you about our dogs and family. Please view our website for health certifications such as OFA, PennHip, CERF, General Wellness and pictures galore!
  • Age: 4/15/2010
  • Price: $800-950
  • Website: www.pmweimaraners.homestead.com
  • Location: Carter, Montana¬†59420 (United States)
  • Contact Number: 406-734-5366

Portuguese Water Dog Information

The Portuguese Water Dog is a medium-sized, muscular dog. The topline is straight and level. The broad, domed head is slightly longer then the muzzle. The muzzle has a well defined stop. The black nose is broad. The teeth meet in a scissors or level bite. The medium sized, round eyes are dark. The heart-shaped ears are set high, hanging. The tail is not docked to aid in swimming, is thicker at the base tapering. Dewclaws are sometimes removed. The legs are straight. The feet are webbed which aids the dog in swimming. The single-layered coat is thick and is either curly or wavy in texture. Coat colors come in black, white, various shades of brown, parti-colors of white with dark spots, black or brown with white markings, silver fox and gray.

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Golden Retriever Information

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a sturdy, medium-large sized dog. The skull is broad and the muzzle is straight, tapering slightly with a well defined stop. The nose is black or a brownish black. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The medium to large eyes are dark brown. The relatively short ears hang down close to the cheeks. When pulled forward the tip of the ear should just cover the eye. The tail is thick at the base with feathering along the underside. Dewclaws may be removed. The water-resistant coat is dense with a firm, straight, or wavy outer coat. There is an untrimmed feathering on the underbelly, back of the legs, front of the neck and underside of the tail. Coat color comes in cream to a rich golden.

These are lovable, well-mannered, intelligent dogs with a great charm. They are easily trained, and always patient and gentle with children. Charming, devoted and self-assured, they are a popular family dog. Energetic and loving, Golden Retrievers enjoy pleasing their masters, so obedience training can be very rewarding. They excel in competitions. Friendly with everyone, including other dogs, the Golden Retriever has very little, if any, guarding instincts. While unlikely to attack, Goldens make good watchdogs, loudly signaling a stranger’s approach. This breed needs to be around people who display leadership to be happy. The Golden Retriever may become destructive and/or high-strung, over-exuberant and distractible if he is lacking in daily mental and physical exercise. Be sure to remain this dogs firm, but calm, confident, consistent pack leader to avoid behavioral issues. Some of the Golden’s talents are hunting, tracking, retrieving, narcotics detection, agility, competitive obedience, and performing tricks. These dogs also love to swim.

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