Baby Pitbulls for Sale

Blue nose/ Red nose pitbullBlue nose/ Red nose pitbull

  • Dog Kennel Name: Rogers Gouse
  • Dog Breed: Blue Nose / Red Nose Pitbull
  • Description: We have one girl and three boy pitbull puppies we are looking to sell. They are 7 weeks old. We are asking for $250 for our lowest price. They do not have their shots or papers. They are dogs that need a lot of love.
  • Location: Rensselaer, NY.
  • Contact Number: 518-414-2952
  • Contact E-mail:

Gotti/Grey line/ Razor edge Pitbull terriers for sale – Fairfield, California

Gotti/Grey line/ Razor edge Pitbull terriers for sale- Fairfield, Californiathe group at 12 weeksMom (bottom left) Dad (bottom right)

  • Dog Breeds: Pitbull Terrier
  • Age: 14 weeks
  • Description: 14 week old Pitbull terriers- I have 9 gorgeous pitbulls terrier pups for sale. All have their boosters, dewormed and UKC papers. Combo of blue and red noses, range between 10 (runt) to 26lbs. All have a great temperament and an excellent play drive.
  • Price: $1000 each (make an offer)
  • Location: Fairfield, California
  • Contact Number: 510-717-7388
  • E-mail: