AKC English Bulldog Puppies for Sale – Grand Lake Area, Oklahoma

5 females, 2 malesone of our cuties :)one of our cuties :)

  • Dog Breeds: English Bulldog
  • Age: 4 weeks now, ready to go Aug. 29th
  • Description: I have 7 adorable AKC English Bulldog puppies for sale. They will be vet checked with first shots and will be ready to go Aug. 29th. $1500 each or $500 deposit to hold one until the 29th. Thanks! Call 918-678-3550 or 918-413-6753
  • Price: $1500
  • Location: Grand Lake Area, Oklahoma
  • Contact Number: 918-678-3550
  • E-mail: mecham_k@yahoo.com

AKC English Bulldog Puppies For Sale – Grand Lake Area, OK

5 females3 malesJust one of our cute males

  • Dog Breeds: English Bulldog
  • Age: 6 weeks, will be ready to go at 8 weeks on Feb. 10th
  • Description: I have 7 English Bulldog puppies for sale. They will be vet checked, have 1st shots and be ready to go Feb. 10th, just in time for Valentine’s Day! I have 4 females and 3 males.
    Calls only to 918-678-3550 or 918-413-6753
  • Location: Grand Lake Area, OK
  • Status : Sold out

One pup left! AKC Championship Bloodlines Shih Tzu Male 9 weeks Central TX Area

One pup left! AKC Championship Bloodlines Shih Tzu Male 9 weeks Central TX Area

  • Dog Breeds: Shih Tzu
  • Age: 9 weeks born 2-2-18
  • Description: “Kevin” – Black with white markings male $550

    Looking only for forever homes that are full of love for these little ones, our last litter.

  • Price: 550
  • Location: San Marcos, TX
  • Contact Number: 8327796100
  • E-mail: brittany2008jan26@gmail.com

8 week olds Pit Bull Puppies for Sale – Bay Area California

8 week old Puppies8 week old Puppies8 week old Puppies

  • Dog Breeds: Pit Bull
  • Age: 8 weeks
  • Description: Red and blue nose puppies
  • Price: 125m/150f
  • Location: Bay Area California
  • Contact Number: 9253259940
  • E-mail: Sneakswifey@gmail.com

Vizsla Pups; Vinton Iowa

  • Dog Breeds: Vizsla
  • Age: 4 weeks old
  • Description: For sale (4) Female and (3) Male purebred puppies. Our dogs are bred from proven stock in the areas of conformation and hunting proven bloodlines. This litter will be available to go home 12-13-15. All dogs are microchipped and registered with the AKC.
  • Price:
  • Location: Vinton, IA
  • Contact Number: 3192293080
  • E-mail: paradisedreamer09@gmail.com

8 Weeks Male Labrador Puppy for Sale – Norcross, Georgia

8 week old male Labrador pup for sale8 week old male Labrador pup for sale8 week old male Labrador pup for sale

  • Dog Breeds: Labrador Retriever
  • Age: 8 weeks
  • Description: Cage and bed also. Need good and loving family to cuddle, play, bath, and walk me. Norcross GA area. I look forward to loving you!
  • Location: Peachtree Corners, Norcross, Georgia
  • Status : Sold out

Abandoned Puppy Needs a Good Home – Dallas TX

  • Dog Breeds: Chihuahua or Dachshund Mix???
  • Age: about 4 months
  • Description: Black shorthaired, brown eyebrows, playful, potty trained mostly, about the size and build of chihuahua maybe little taller. my neighbors moved out and left their dogs to fend for themselves and i took the puppy but I can’t give the pup what he needs.
  • Price: free
  • Location: dallas, tx pleasant grove area
  • Contact Number: 9726844671
  • E-mail: april92484@yahoo.com

Miniature Pinscher Puppies for Sale ini New Jersey and Tri-State Area

Miniature Pinscher for Sale - Miniature Pinscher-NJ and tri-state area 0Miniature Pinscher for Sale - Miniature Pinscher-NJ and tri-state area 1Miniature Pinscher for Sale - Miniature Pinscher-NJ and tri-state area 2

  • Dog Breed: Miniature Pinscher
  • Description: Our Min Pins come with a one year written health guarantee against congenital diseases. Their vaccinations and de-wormings are up to date based on their age. Our puppies are a treated for all of the common puppy ailments; for example, ear mites, worms, giardia, and coccidia. All our pups have been vet checked twice. We currently only have three black and tan males available. The puppies also come with docked tails and cropped ears. They should be between 9 and 15 lbs, best guess 12 lbs as adults. This liter was born 7/18/2010 and we are asking $550.00 for them. We do deliver at $1.50 per mile or $300.00 for shipping. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to call 973-652-7758 or stop by 380 McLean Blvd. Paterson, NJ 07513. Thanks for looking at our babies, Guy.
  • Age: 7/18/2010
  • Price: $550.00
  • Location: Paterson, NJ 07513 (United States)
  • Contact Number: 973-652-7758

Vizsla Information

The Vizsla is a medium-sized hunting dog. The strong body is slightly longer than it is tall. The slightly domed skull is lean and muscular, wide between the ears with a medial line going down the forehead. The muzzle tapers gradually from the stop to the nose and is the same length or shorter than the skull. The nose is flesh colored in contrast with the coat. The neck is strong with no dewlap. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The medium sized eyes contrast with the coat color. The long ears are silky thin, hanging down close to the cheeks with rounded tips. The tail is thick at the root and is customarily docked to 2/3 its original length. Note: docking tails is illegal in most parts of Europe. The front legs are straight with cat-like feet. The dewclaws are usually removed. The short, smooth coat is tight to the whole body and comes in a rusty-gold color in various shades on the body.

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Alaskan Malamutes Information

The Alaskan Malamute is the largest of the Arctic dogs. This thick well built dog is solid with a plumed tail which is held over the back. The head is wide with erect ears. The eyes are of medium size, dark brown, small, and almond in shape and are obliquely placed in the skull. The dog holds an image of a wolf but with a proud, sweet expression. Dark eyes are preferred. Blue eyes are a fault according to the written standard. The feet are large, of the snowshoe type with tough pads. The thick, coarse double coat averages one to three inches in length and comes in a range of light gray to intermediate shadings of black, sable and shadings of sable to red. Combinations include, wolf gray, black & white, wolf sable (red undercoat with dark gray outer coat), or red. The only solid color allowed is white. The dog often has darker highlights and sometimes has a dark mask or cap. The legs and muzzle are almost always white. In some areas, dogs may be either smaller or larger than the official standard.

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