havanese puppies in South Carolina

havanese puppies in South Carolina

  • Dog Breeds: Havanese
  • Age: 7 weeks
  • Description: Three beautiful healthy male puppies – hyper allergenic and very sweet loving and loyal toy breed
  • Price: $1200
  • Location: York County SC
  • Contact Number: 803-925-1478
  • E-mail: suzieq_855@yahoo.com

AKC Registered Havanese Puppies for Sale – Berne Indiana


  • Dog Breed: Havanese
  • Age: Three weeks
  • Description: Beautiful A.K.C. Registered havanese puppies.
  • Website: www.hilltophavanese.com
  • Price: Call for more information
  • Location: Berne Indiana
  • Contact Number: 260-849-2432
  • Contact E-mail: tomkat4545w@yahoo.com

Havanese Puppies for Sale in Czech


  • Dog Breed: Havanese
  • Age: 1 month
  • Description: We sell beautiful Havanese. We have 3 beautiful little girls who have beautiful strong skeleton. They are all excellent coverage. Both parents have excellent character. They love children, which will be used to puppies. Both parents can be seen in our kennel. When taking several deworming puppies are vaccinated and chipped. Each puppy gets a contract and purchase package to a new home. For more information visit our website or you www.bohemica.webnode.cz any further questions do not hesitate to e-mail or phone
  • Website: www.bohemica.webnode.cz
  • Price: –
  • Location: Czech
  • Contact Number: 420774876808
  • Contact E-mail: smejkalova@4tlapky.cz

Heavenly Havanese Puppies for Sale in Corsica, South Dacota

Havanese for Sale - Heavenly Havanese 0Havanese for Sale - Heavenly Havanese 1Havanese for Sale - Heavenly Havanese 2

  • Dog Breed: Havanese
  • Description: My little havanese puppies a spoiled , They are raised around us and are given tons of love and attention when they are with us before they go to their new homes. They have beautiful wavy hair coats and wonderful temperaments,The puppy comes with health papers form my vet and have completed they first set of puppy shots, I believe in quality not quantity in my puppies. Call or email for more info about them.
  • Age: 8 weeks
  • Price: 800.00 and up
  • Location: Corsica, SD 57328 (United States)
  • Contact Number: 1-605-946-5289

Havamalt Puppies (Maltese/Havanese) for Sale

Hair still growing in which takes about a yearHair still coming in which takes about a yearHair still coming in which takes about a year

  • Dog Breeds: Maltese Havanese
  • Age: 4 months
  • Description: Sweet happy loving and loveable
    Very smart easy to train
    Related mix of endearing Maltese and intelligent Havanese
    good family member/companion even with babies/ small children (not recommended with Maltese)
  • Price: $600 negotiable for good home
  • Location: Magnolia, TX
  • Contact Number: 2812591069
  • E-mail: maltibabbees@gmail.com

Havanese Male Puppies for Sale – Kostelec nad Černými

Havanese maleHavanese maleHavanese male

  • Dog Breeds: Havanese Puppies
  • Age: 2 months
  • Description: Havanese puppy (male) with FCI pedigree Havanese, a black and tan color. FCI pedigree, born February 13, 2017. The puppies are socialized, they live with us in the house before going to their new homes will be dewormed and vaccinated with EU passport.
  • Location: Kostelec nad Černými
  • Contact Number: +420777265653
  • E-mail: k.novakova1982@gmail.com

Havanese Information

If never primped, clipped or altered in any way, the Havanese gives a rugged impression in a little dog. The legs are strong and allow for free and easy movement. The dark eyes and long tail are covered with long silky hair. The profuse coat varies from wavy to curly. The Havanese is a double-coated breed with soft hair, both on outer and undercoat. Adult coat reaches 6 to 8 inches, and has a pearly sheen. Some Havanese carry a short haired recessive gene. If two Adults with this recessive gene have a litter of puppies, it is possible that some of the puppies will be born with smooth coats. A Havanese with a short coat cannot be shown and is a serious fault in the show arena. Some have nicknamed the Havanese born with short coats Shavanese. Eye rims, the nose and lips are solid black on all colors except the true chocolate dog. The Havanese comes in any color, including cream, gold, white, silver, blue, and black. Also parti and tricolors. In North America, all colors are recognized, no preference is given to one color over another. Black and chocolate are preferred colors with many North American breeders. A chocolate Havanese must retain at least a 1 inch (2.6 cm.) patch of chocolate hair. Chocolates also have green or amber eyes. In some European Countries the black and chocolate dogs, were not always recognized. But the black dogs have been recognized for several years, and the Chocolate dogs are now recently recognized. The gait is unique, lively & ’springy" which accentuates the happy character of the Havanese. Tail is carried up over the back when gaiting. The breed is of solid physical type and sound constitution. The Havanese gives a rugged impression of a little dog, it is sturdy, and while a small breed, it is neither fragile nor overdone.

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