Oscar Oscar Oscar

  • Dog Breeds: French bulldog
  • Age: 10 weeks
  • Description: Fawn pied french bulldog. He is very enthusiastic and loves to explore new things, he certainly will make your life interesting. Puppy has wonderful pedigrees. Fully vaccinated, chipped.
  • Price: $1799
  • Location: New York City
  • Contact Number: 9174437089
  • E-mail: vladsennat@gmail.com

Elite blue puppies

female 1female 2Elite blue puppies

  • Dog Breeds: French bulldog
  • Age: 3 month’s
  • Description: Rare blue puppies of the French bulldog. Diamonds! From the blue (solid). Very beautiful pedigree females. Age 3 months. Vaccinations, microchip. Delivery anywhere in the world! Call, write, Viber, WhatsApp.(+79648685907)
  • Price: 2100
  • Location: Пенза
  • Contact Number: +79648685907
  • E-mail: daryakomkova@yandex.ru

Boston Terrier Information

Boston Terriers, also called the Boston bull, are compact and well-muscled dogs. The body is short with a square appearance. The square looking head is flat on the top and in proportion to the rest of the body. The deep, wide, short muzzle is in proportion with the head. The nose is black. The stop is well defined. The bite is either even or slightly undershot giving the muzzle the square look. The large, round dark eyes are wide-set. The erect ears are small and either cropped or left natural. The limbs are straight and muscular. The legs are set somewhat wide apart, and the chest is broad. The neck is slightly arched. The low-set, tapering tail is short and either straight or screw shaped and is never docked. The short, fine textured coat comes in seal, brindle and white, black and white and some are born brown & white.

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Dogue de Bordeaux Information

The Dogue de Bordeaux also called the French Mastiff and sometimes called the Bordeaux Bulldog is a relatively short, stocky mastiff. The wrinkled head is massive, heavy and broad. Males can have a head circumference of 27-30 inches (68-75cm). The muzzle is somewhat short (1/3 the total length of the head), wide, powerful and thick, with a pronounced stop. The nose is large with wide-open nostrils, color depends on the mask of the dog. The teeth meet in an underbite. The upper lips hang thickly down over the lower jaw. The thick skin on the neck is loose, forming a noticeable dewlap. The eyes are hazel to dark brown depending on the color of the dog and are set wide apart. The ears are small, hanging down, in proportion to the dog and are darker in color. The tail is thick at the base tapering to a point. The chest is deep, broad reaching lower than the elbows. The legs are muscular. The coat is short and soft with loose fitting skin. Coat colors include various shades of fawn to mahogany with a darker red or black mask around and under the nose including the lips and eye rims. There are sometimes white markings on the chest and tips of the toes.

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