Dachshund / French Poodle Mix for Sale – San Diego, California

 feisty and curious dappled girlcalm little girl lovable boy

  • Dog Breeds: Mix Breed (Dachshund / French Poodle)
  • Age: 1 1/2 months
  • Description: <3 Full of personality little doxiepoo puppys<3
  • Price: boy 120 – girls 150
  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Contact Number: 619 4519147
  • E-mail: alelinda160@hotmail.com

Rat Terrier Information

The Rat Terrier is a well-muscled dog with a deep chest, strong shoulders, solid neck, and powerful legs. Their bodies are compact but meaty. The ears can be upright or tipped and are carried erect when the dog is alert. They can be born with short or full length tails, each being left in its natural state or docked at two days of age. The coat colors include, pearls, sables, chocolates, red and white, tri-spotted, solid red, black & tan, blue & white and red brindle. Breeders concerned with working dogs are not as fussy about the specifics of the looks.

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