Labrador Retriever Puppies for sale – Giza, Egypt

Puppy for sale in egyptdogs for saleParents

  • Dog Breeds: Labrador Retriever
  • Age: 4 weeks
  • Description: Labrador Puppies
    Dob 10 march 2015
    Both grandparents are Canadian Labrador
    Grandfather chocolate color
    Grandmother White color
    Father White
    Mother Black
    Available puppies for reservation males and females

  • Website:
  • Location: Giza
  • Contact Number: 01000776834
  • E-mail:

Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale in Egypt


  • Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Age: 55 day
  • Description: Cute pure Labrador Retriever puppies 4 sale. Born on 29-11-2011- 2pm. They are ready to move on to new home. Available white males & females Available black males & females If you are interested please don’t hesitate to call me.
  • Website:
  • Price: –
  • Location: Egypt
  • Contact Number: (202) 01000 77 68 34
  • Contact E-mail:

Boxer Puppy for Sale in Egypt

carlose when he was a bit youngerboxer

  • Dog Breed: Boxer
  • Age: 2 months
  • Description: he’s a 2 month boxer puppy and i’ve just gave him his vaccine and he’ll come with his birth certificate, also his plate, collar and leash. 1500 EGP is exactly the amount i paid for him i do not wish to make a profit out of selling him i only want to find him a nice place to live with nice people.
  • Price: 1500 egp
  • Location: Egypt
  • Contact Number: 0117755501
  • Contact E-mail:

Pharaoh Hound puppies for sale

Pharaoh Hound puppies for salePharaoh Hound puppies for salePharaoh Hound puppies for sale

  • Dog Breeds: Pharaoh Hound
  • Age: 3 months
  • Description: DOB 07.01.18 Great character, excellent health, show promising! Best European blood lines. World, European and CRUFTS winners in the pedigree. “Temple Veles” kennel, Facebook. Delivery to any region and country. Serious inquiries are welcome!
  • Website:
  • Price: 1300
  • Location: St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Contact Number: +79030974999
  • E-mail:

AKC Rottweiler Puppies for Sale – Massillon

Rottweiler puppies for sale taking deposits ready 12/31Rottweiler puppies for sale taking deposits ready 12/31

  • Dog Breeds: Rottweiler
  • Age: 4 weeks
  • Description: Championship 100% Imported Lineage Rottweiler puppies available. AKC registered. Champion bloodlines in working & conformation. Puppies will have 1st shots, worming,& microchiped. Puppies are raised in home, hands on.
  • Price: 800
  • Location: Massillon
  • Contact Number: 3303272600
  • E-mail:

Maltese / Shih Tzu Mix Puppies for Sale – Eastpointe, Michigan

Prince of Egypt (boy)Dinaro (boy)storm ( girl)

  • Dog Breeds: Mix Breed (Maltese / Shih Tzu)
  • Age: 7 weeks
  • Description: iI have 2 boys one all brown and one white black with a hint of brown. 4 girls one white and black and the other girls are black brown white . If you want your pup vet checked it’s an additional 37.50 boys are 400 girls are 450.
  • Price: 400
  • Location: Eastpointe, Michigan
  • Contact Number: 3138268057
  • E-mail:

Mastiff Information

The Old English Mastiff is a massive dog. The Mastiff has a large, heavy square head with a well marked stop between the eyes. The muzzle should be half the length of the skull. The medium-sized brown to dark hazel eyes are set wide apart with a black mask around them. The nose is dark in color. The small ears are V-shaped and in proportion with the skull and are dark in color. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite but a slightly undershot bite is also acceptable in the show ring providing the teeth do not show when the mouth is closed. The tail is high-set with a wide base, tapering to a point reaching the hocks. Coat colors include golden fawn, light fawn, apricot, silver, tiger or brindle.

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Dalmatian Information

The Dalmatian is a large, strong, muscular dog. The skull is about as wide as it is long, and flat on the top. The muzzle is about the same length as the top of the skull. The stop is moderate but well defined. The nose can be either black, brown (liver), or blue or a dark gray that looks like black. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The medium sized round eyes are either brown or blue or a combination of both. The ears are set high, hanging down, gradually tapering to a rounded tip. The chest is deep. The base of the tail is level with the topline and tapers to the tip. The feet are round with arched toes. Toenails are white and/or black in black spotted dogs and brown and/or white in liver spotted dogs. The short coat has fine dense hairs. The symmetrical coat is predominantly white with clearly defined round spots. The spots can be black or brown (liver) which are the preferred colors in the show ring, but can also be, lemon, dark blue, tri colored, brindled, solid white, or sable. Not all of these colors are accepted into the show ring, but they do occur in the breed. The more defined and well distributed the markings are, the more valued the dog is to the show ring. Puppies are born completely white and the spots develop later.

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Great Dane Information

Great Dane

The Great Dane is a giant, powerful dog. Square in body, but females may be slightly longer than tall. The long head is rectangular in shape. The muzzle is deep, with a pronounced stop. The nose is black, blue/black on blue Danes or black spotted on the harlequins. The dark, deep-set eyes are medium in size. The medium sized ears are set high and either cropped or left natural. If left in their natural state they are folded forward hanging close to the cheek. When cropped they stand erect and are large in proportion to the rest of the head. Note: cropping ears is illegal in most parts of Europe. The well arched neck is set-high, firm and muscular. The front legs are perfectly straight. The feet are round with dark toenails. The tail is set high, thicker at the base and tapering to a point. Dewclaws are sometimes removed. The coat is short and thick. Colors come in brindle, fawn, black, blue, mantle harlequin and sometimes merle. Although not a recognized color, chocolate does occur in a recessive gene. Merle is a common result of harlequin breeding, but it is not a recognized color.

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