Treeing Walker Coonhound

Treeing Walker CoonhoundTreeing Walker Coonhound

  • Dog Breeds: Coonhound
  • Age: 8 months
  • Description: This handsome boy needs a forever home. He has been rescued and is currently in a foster home. He has been vaccinated, wormed and has an appointment to be neutered. He has a wonderful temperament.
  • Price: 75.00
  • Location: Thompsons Station
  • Contact Number: 931-652-4170
  • E-mail:

Redbone Coonhound Puppies

Redbone Coonhound PuppiesRedbone Coonhound PuppiesRedbone Coonhound Puppies

  • Dog Breeds: Redbone Coonhound
  • Age: 3 weeks
  • Description: Purebred Redbone Coonhound Puppies. 6 females. Born 11/11/17. Ready for new home on 1/6/18. Parents on site. For more information please call us @ 805-340-8946 or 805-649-2183.
  • Price: 650.00
  • Location: Ojai
  • Contact Number: 8052330383
  • E-mail:

Stud service: Bluetick Coonhound in Pipestem, WV

Bluestone's Jagg Creek Rambo115 pounds of pure Bluetick coonhoundCall for pedigrees on Cooper

  • Dog Breeds: Bluetick Coonhound
  • Age: 5 years Proven Sire/ Live coverage.
  • Description: Bluestone’s Jagg Creek Rambo coming up for stud service. 105 pounds of pure coonhound
    Please feel free to check on upcoming litters when available. Proven sire/live coverage
    Triple registered AKC/UKC/PKC and DNA
  • Website:
  • Price: $400.00
  • Location: Pipestem, WV
  • Contact Number: 1-304-466-6218
  • E-mail:

Quality bluetick coonhounds puppies for sale in Pipestem, WV Nationwide

Dam: Ch. Bluestone's Lonesome Ms. CameronSire: Ch. Bluestone's Lonesome Bo CameronPuppy from Missy and BO

  • Dog Breeds: Bluetick Coonhounds
  • Age: Due 8/11/2017
  • Description: We take great pride in raising quality hounds with Champion Bloodlines. We our proud to have some of the finest Blueticks for big and small game and provide beautiful hounds for hunting, show or home.
  • Website:
  • Price: Call for pricing
  • Location: Pipestem, WV
  • Contact Number: 1-304-466-6218
  • E-mail:

Redbone Coonhounds Puppies for Sale – Bayard, Nebraska

Redbone Puppies Redbone Puppies

  • Dog Breeds: Redbone Coonhounds
  • Age: Due July 17
  • Description: Accepting deposit on puppies
  • Price: 1000.00
  • Location: Bayard, Nebraska
  • Contact Number: 3082208557/3082791054
  • E-mail:

Redbone Coonhound/Catahoula Mix Pups for Sale – Crosby

  • Dog Breeds: Mix Breed
  • Age: 3 months
  • Description: Looking for good home for 3 months old Redbone Coonhound/Catahoula mixed pups. 3 – Males, 1 – Female Have already had 2 rounds of shots.
  • Price: $75.00
  • Location: Crosby
  • Contact Number: 832-527-1680
  • E-mail:

American Bulldog Information

American Bulldog

The very muscular, sturdy and powerful, yet compact frame of the American Bulldog remains higher on the leg, more agile and swifter than its English counterpart. Some individuals are reportedly able to leap six or more feet into the air. Males are characteristically stockier and heavier boned than in the more refined females. The head is large with strong jaws. Agile and light on his feet. The chest is wide and moderately deep giving the sense of athletic ability and power. The neck is muscular tapering from the shoulders to the head and may have a slight dewlap. The head is square, large and broad with muscular cheeks relatively in proportion to the size and overall structure of the dog. There is a defined furrow between the rounded eyes, with a distinct, sharply defined , deep stop. The strong muzzle is broad and square. The preferred bite is reverse scissors, but a moderate underbite, scissors or even bite is acceptable. A variety of ear types are acceptable including cropped, rose, half-pricked, and forward flap. Uncropped ears are preferred in the American Bulldog Breeders Association Standard. Eyes can come in any color. Black eye rims are preferred on white dogs. Pink eye rims are considered a fault according to the written standard. The nose is black red, brown or grizzle. Black is the preferred color according to the standard. In black-nosed dogs, the preferred lip color is black, though some pink is permitted. The lips should be full but not too loose. The front legs are heavy-boned, strong and straight. The hindquarters should be very broad and thick with well-defined muscles. The tail is low-set, begins thick at the base, and tapers to a point. The coat is smooth and short, and comes in all shades of brindle including red brindle, varying degrees of white, red, brown, tan, fawn, and piebald.

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